SWGeorgetown Winners


Sunday evening the judges announced the winners for the weekend:

1st Place: Wanna

App to record things you “wanna do” and provides analysis to businesses.



2nd Place: Embr Analytics (FB)

Embr is an data mining API that helps efficiently deliver content through improved consumer analytics.



3rd Place: goHippo

goHippo makes impromptu get-togethers easy. Simply select a few options on where you want to go and send invites to your friends through the goHippo app. Each person who is coming gets their say in the location and the app sends out a notice within 15 minutes of the get-together.



Special Mention: CogniScents (FB)

Leverages scents to enhance your memory, while you sleep.
CogniScents is the newest way to re-enforce what you study. The system is very simple. Study a subject and a scent of your choice is given. This scent is then release during the Delta part of your sleep cycle. This part re enforces your studied material.